God Ate My Homework was a band formed by UC Berkeley students in 1997. At the time MP3 was still an emerging technology; Winamp was first released the previous year, MP3.com just started, and the RIAA sued to prevent the release of one of the first portable MP3 players, the Rio. Most downloaders relied on dial up connections, and Napster wasn't released until the next year.

GAMH took advantage of the technology to distribute their own music, which might not have otherwise found a wide audience since they lacked a recording contact.

All of their music was released under the Free Music Public License, which band member James Ensor wrote. The gist of the license is that the music may be free distributed given the recipient gets a copy of the license and credit is given to all contributors to the music. There is a local copy of the license.

Unfortunately, their web site disappeared long ago and it has become increasingly difficult to find copies of their songs. As a fan, I set up this page to offer those songs that I have copies of for others to download. If you happen to have any that I am missing, please contact me so that I might put them here as well.


or, grab a ZIP file of them all